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Brain Audio is an artist led sound post production facility, creating music and sound for moving image. Whether you need a composer, TV or Film audio post production, or 360° interactive sound, Brain Audio will bring together an outstanding team for your project. Good ears, experience, and intelligence make our studios a nourishing place to be.

In recent years our output has ranged from cinema feature mixes to orchestral interactive AR experiences with major film studios, as well as theatrical scores and TV soundtracks.


We’ve enjoyed 20+ successful years as Brains and Hunch. As the team is expanding, we are moving forward as Brain Audio, now a busy post production studio in London N1, with a unique roster of composers and esoteric sound specialists. The breadth of experience, training and rigour within the team ranges from classical composition, to cutting edge electronic interactive technologies. Brain Audio offers unique scope, artistry and felxibilty as a team for your project. 


We are commited to balancing commercial work with art practice, and using resources and knowledge built up over 20 years of commercial work to feed artistic projects. Brain Audio supports artist led projects that may otherwise fall short of access to top flight audio facilities and expertise. Brain Audio believes in a symbiotic and nourishing relationship between artistic and commercial projects.  


Brain Audio is committed to producing work that features LIVE musicians wherever possible. 


Brain Audio prides itself on using originally recorded Foley in its sound design work.